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Name:Do It Live
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Have you ever had that dream where you’re up on stage, an instrument in hand and a thousand people in the crowd, all waiting for you to perform? It’s happening again. But this time, you absolutely rock it. You have the best performance of your life (even if you’ve never sung a note before), and once you finish your set, you head backstage to celebrate. There’s free food and free booze, and all your favourite musicians are treating you like an equal, telling you you were fantastic out there.

It’s a great dream. It really is. You find yourself wishing it would never end.

Do It Live is a semi-jamjar dressing room for music-based characters, set in what seems to be a fever dream of a music festival. We welcome characters from musical films, stage shows, concept albums, et cetera, as well as characters from non-musical canons who are professional (or equally dedicated) musicians.
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